ZenMatrix Healing

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ZenMatrix® Healing is a healing modality developed for the new era of 5th Dimensional awareness. Individuals are assisted in healing through the use of energy healing (with or without vibrational sprays & crystals) and auric balancing.

As humans we are multidimensional beings of light. ZenMatrix® Healing assists individuals to connect to their own divinity within. Individuals 3rd Dimensional bodies are cleared in readiness for shifts into higher consciousness. Healings are delivered by shared knowledge and activation of the light within every cell of the human being.

ZenMatrix® Healings are gentle and subtle, the activation processes may continue for months to years after a session. Every session is tailored for the individual receiving the healing; each activation is for that Soul and that Soul only.

It is like receiving your very own keys to unlock the doors to your own place of Divinity and Creativity in Love.

Fee: $150 for an hour session.