Basic ZenMatrix Healing Workshop

Dates to be set for 2020


Early bird $400 available if all paid 3 weeks prior to course start.

Venue: Zeneth Wellness, Mundaring.

Training – ZenMatrix™ Healing

Soul Mapping offers courses and workshops throughout Australia. Below is an outline to obtaining a ZenMatrix™ Master training. There are four levels required to obtain Master, with the last two being by invitation only.

Below is a brief outline of the modules, leading to the ZenMatrix™ Master. Each class is built on depending upon the students involved, as such it is tailored made to suit the needs of the students enrolled.

All 4 levels needed to obtain ZenMatrix ™ Master

1. Basic ZenMatrix ™ Healing

* Understanding Energy concepts

* Learning about the Auric fields

* Learn how to feel Energy

* ZenMatrix ™ Healing activation

* Learning a basic chakra cleanse and balance

* Energy balance with energy protection

* How to protect the healer

2. Advanced ZenMatrix ™ Healing

* Learn advanced chakra cleaning and energy release.

* Learn about the minor chakra system

* Learn how to see and detect dis-ease in the auric field

* Learn how to connect with guides and angels for healing

* Learn about the matrix grids around planet Earth

3. ZenMatrix ™ Healing Spiritual Guidance

* Learn how to connect with the Akashic records and the Galactic Federation to guide individuals in their healing.

*Receive an activation to higher spiritual learning.

*Learn how to guide your clients spiritual, without judgement and ego.

*Learn about Merkabah activation and restoration.

*Practice Automatic writing.

4. ZenMatrix ™ Healing Galactic Leadership

* Receive activation to the Galactic Federation and receive your role in the federations return to oneness game plan.

* Learn about the Galactic races and how to work alongside them for the betterment of man.
All assessment is performed during the course modules, compulsory attendance is required in all four levels to graduate. Students are required to follow their own spiritual journey and provide a written or verbal report to the instructor. All students will practice healing on other students during the course, observed by the instructor.