Soul Mapping

soul mapping-chosen®

Soul Mapping is a healing modality channeled by Maya from the Galactic Angelic realm & The Brotherhood of Light. It has been given to us at this time to assist in allowing individuals to align with their true Soul Path and align to 5D consciousness. Through a Soul Mapping session an individual can gain clarity and direction directly from their Soul Record stored in the Akashic Records. By aligning oneself to their true purpose your life can be filled with joy, love and ease. Instead of taking a path over obstacles and hurdles you can be shown a straight path to your Soul journey and ease of physical existence.

A session involves Maya connecting with your own Soul Record and reading from your own Soul book. If need be any Soul blocks are removed from your Soul Record to assist you in this lifetime. Energy work may be performed on your auric field to clear and assimilate the new direction.

So if you need clarity and guidance in your direction then a Soul Mapping maybe for you. It is recommended that you have already started to embark on a journey of spiritual discovery before embarking in your Soul discovery.

Please note these sessions are for those that wish to learn more about their Soul direction and elevation to higher consciousness. If you wish to receive more information about your future, it would be preferable to see a medium that specialises in this field. 

Maya offers Soul Mapping sessions via zoom globally, a one hour session is $195 . Please note: Face to face is not offered for Soul Mappings.

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