Maya Zeneth (BAppSc., GCertSc.,AdvDipBowen, CertTAE, GradDipHSc(WHM)) – Western Medicine Herbalist, Senior Bowen Therapist and ZenMatrix™ Master

Maya is an experienced Bowen Therapist, Herbalist and ZenMatrix™ Master with more than 22 years experience in complimentary medicine and a further 8 years in the diagnostic imaging field. She has extensive knowledge of the human body after beginning her working life in diagnostic imaging. Her experience working in the western medicine field, lead Maya to finding a holistic way to assist people in pain & discomfort with the use of Bowen Therapy and recently Herbalism.

Maya has an unique ability to read the human body from a physical, emotional and spiritual view. Each treatment and consultation is tailored to the needs of the individual and their own unique constitution.

Maya founded ZenMatrix® Healing in 2015 after receiving direction that she was to share her modality. She has an unique ability to connect with the Higher Angelic realms, the Akashic records and the 9D Galactic council, all while keeping a grounded viewpoint.

Maya is available for Herbalism, Bowen Therapy and ZenMatrix® Healing and Soul Mapping Sessions.

Leeanne Zeneth (DipBowen, DipBowen-Small animals) – Bowen Therapist for people and animals, Reiki Master & ZenMatrix™ Master.

Leeanne is a highly experienced, passionate Bowen Therapist, PhytoSonus Bioresonance Practitioner, Reiki Master and ZenMatrix® Master. Leeanne enjoys sharing her passion to assist people and animals in their healing journey. Leeanne believes everyone should have the opportunity to heal from past traumas whether they be physical, emotional or mental. Leeanne offers Bowen Therapy and ZenMatrix® healing for people and small animals including dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and wildlife.

Leeanne is available for Bowen Therapy consultations for people and animals.