Animal Therapies

Zeneth Bowen Therapy for animals

Specializing in Bowen therapy for Small Animals including Dogs, Cats, Birds, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits and Wildlife.

Bowen therapy is both a physical and energetic bodywork technique that treats the body as a whole. Using fingers and thumbs the Therapist slowly applies gentle rolling movements over the soft tissue (muscle, ligaments, tendons, fascia and skin), with the aim of bringing balance /re-alignment to all facets of your animal’s health and wellbeing.

Therapy time is typically 20mins however we allow up to 50mins for a consultation to allow the therapist time to assess the animal and to develop a rapport.
Bowen Therapy may be beneficial for animals with;

• Chronic and degenerative conditions – helping to improve the animal’s quality of life.
• Arthritis
• Back problems
• Acute injuries – Muscle sprains
• Lameness and other gait problems.
• Pre and post-surgery – assist in recovery times and rehabilitation.
• Behavioural conditions- anxiety, fear, stress or aggression.
• Growth and developmental conditions.
• Support for Working, Agility or Competition Dogs.
• Recovery in Rescue animals.